Aviation Law at NPR

  • Sales and use tax advice for aircraft acquisitions.
  • Formation of LLCs and corporations for aircraft ownership.
  • Investigation and litigation of aircraft accident cases, including subrogation rights;
  • Representing airmen in FAA enforcement actions;
  • Representing fixed base operators, airport facility users and owners in transactional matters and litigation;
  • Consulting on insurance matters and IRS, FAA and State laws and regulations.

Pilot-Attorneys Benefit You

The pilot-attorneys of NPR stay current on everyday aviation issues by actually using the general aviation system in the other aspects of the firm’s practice. The attorneys routinely use private aircraft to reach any part of the State of Tennessee and surrounding states much more quickly than by automobile or commercial air travel. They have access to airports in the southeast that are not served by commercial airlines. By avoiding parking, connection and security delays at commercial airports, clients of NPR see significant savings in travel time and expense.

Our Aviation Expertise

While many law firms have listed aviation as an area of practice, few firms have attorneys who are actually experienced pilots. Aviation law at NPR is more than handling an occasional aircraft accident personal injury case; it includes experience of the broad range of legal needs in General Aviation, including creation of legal entities to acquire and hold title to aircraft, representing airmen in FAA enforcement actions, representing fixed base operators, airport facility users and owners, consulting on the complex and often conflicting of the IRS, FAA and insurance industry, as well as aircraft accident cases.

Mr. Hadley has litigated civil matters in trial and appellate level, State and Federal Courts in Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama. He has over a decade of courtroom and jury trial experience, including business tort litigation, commercial disputes, and medical malpractice defense. He has represented aviators, aircraft owners, and fixed base operators in a wide range of matters including accident litigation, sales tax disputes, aircraft ownership, aircraft sales, leases, and purchases, and FAA actions. He holds a private pilot’s license and instrument rating. Mr. Hadley serves as a panel attorney for the Aircraft Owners and Pilot’s Association (AOPA) legal services plan and is a member of the Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association.

Mr. Callaham has represented pilots and aircraft owners in Tennessee and Oklahoma for matters ranging from accident litigation, FAA enforcement actions, aircraft sales disputes, aircraft purchasing and leasing, and aviation employment matters.

He holds a private pilot certificate with instrument rating in single engine and multi engine aircraft. Mr. Callaham is a member of the Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association.